Erasmus+ KA152-YOU-3BFA9509 (2021 – 2022)

Main Topic
RuralBiz: Rural Entrepreneurship for Young Citizens

Project Summary

RuralBiz Project will be an opportunity for 36 young people, who will be oriented towards telecommuting, smart work, entrepreneurship and job search with the aim that young people live and build their professional career from their municipality in a sustainable way.

  • Present opportunities for young people to develop and work in their (rural) municipalities,
  • Job search and business start-up training for young people,
  • Improve understanding of the challenges young people face in their lives and in the labor market.

Project Implementation

The project partners are already working on the creation of recurrences that municipalities can use to facilitate the development and work of young people in their municipalities. Its objective is to reduce the rural exodus of young people and increase the quality of life in the affected regions through the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Young participants will, anonymously, have the opportunity to express their views on the exchange program and the topics covered

Several groups will be organized for all the activities of the program and the socialization of the participants

Use of ICT technologies for communication, work and entrepreneurship

Opportunity for marginalized and vulnerable groups to express their views and the challenges they face

RuralBiz Project

RuralBiz Project Objectives

  • Promote the use of ICT for entrepreneurship,
  • Combat youth unemployment in Europe through high added value jobs,
  • Involving the young rural population in international (European) initiatives,
  • Create quality employment for everybody,
  • Provide rural territories with materials and resources to avoid depopulation,
  • Foster employment and promote entrepreneurship in rural areas,
  • Exchange of good practices with other young citizens of other countries and related communities,
  • Promotion of cultural diversity, exchange of traditions and ideas and feelings of community.


Participating municipalities and local associations from different countries


Local organizations and regional institutions involved in the project


Young professionals and entrepreneurs who are part of the program