National (Spanish) Project

Main Topic
Orienta Project (Depopulation of the province of Alicante)

Project Summary

The Orienta project addresses the relevant problem of youth unemployment in the Alcoia-Comtat region (and the province of Alicante in general). Related to this, we are dealing with the current problem of rural areas, where young people are leaving en masse to study and work in bigger cities. This affects the generational change in the municipalities and causes depopulation within them.

  • Presentación de oportunidades de desarrollo y trabajo juvenil en municipios rurales,
  • Introducir a los jóvenes en la cultura del voluntariado como forma de desarrollo profesional y de búsqueda de empleo,
  • Mejor comprensión de los desafíos que enfrentan los jóvenes en municipios pequeños (y especialmente rurales).

Project Implementation

The Oriente Project was born out of the need to help young people from rural areas to find or start a job, with special emphasis on reducing the digital gap of these young people so that, thanks to new technologies, they can work and develop from their rural environment. This project contains a training program for young professionals who will be presented with the possibilities and resources for their development and work.

The young participants will have, anonymously, the opportunity to express their views on the exchange program

Several groups will be organized for all the activities of the program and the socialization of the participants

Use of digital technologies (ICT) for networking and volunteering

Opportunity for marginalized and vulnerable groups to express their views and the challenges they face


Orienta Objectives

The main objective of this program is to provide help and tools for the job search for young people. In this way, the participants will carry out volunteer training, that is, they will learn about the possibilities of education and volunteering in the region of l'Alcoia and the Comtat. The goal is to develop and retain young professionals in the region.


Participation of entities and institutions of the region of l'Alcoia and the Comtat


Educational and voluntary organizations actively involved in the project


Aspiring young professionals participate directly in the program